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Need help revising your texts?

In your work you are required to write in English even though it is not your mother tongue. Getting articles published in English has become a must in academic circles. And then there are the international project proposals and the reports and deliverables, all to be written in English. But although your English may be excellent, writing in English is not necessarily easy. All those nuances you look for in your mother tongue don't come so naturally in another language. You can get the essence of your text together but finalising it requires some help. What your text needs is revision not translation. Of course, you can rely on colleagues and friends on an ad hoc basis. But if you want your texts in English to be even better, I can help. Writing is my job and my mother tongue is English. I write novels. And I have written articles and scientific reports professionally for many years in English. I have helped university professors prepare their English texts for publication or submission. I am also particularly good with text structure if you would like to tighten up your prose and strengthen your ideas. And should you wish I can also help in making texts more accessible for a wider audience.

Alan McCluskey
The Text Agency

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